Ecological compatibility of wooden log houses

Nowadays, countryside real estate is in great demand, it is a good housing solution for many people. Living alone with nature in a comfortable wood cabin is a dream of many citizens tired of fuss and city smog.

Wood house is a wonderful kind of dwelling that gives you calmness and close unity with nature. First of all, such building is ecologically favourable. You cannot but agree that it is hard to find material more ecological than wood, especially for house construction. Log home contributes to very special atmosphere inside and combines nature origin with contemporary comfort.

Wood house has an optimum air humidity level; this is because wood can breathe. Therefore, favourable atmosphere fills such a house at all times of the year, that additionally serves a good preventive remedy for respiratory diseases. Timber is live building material having positive bioenergy, so the walls emit peaceful vibes, create tranquil environment, guarantee good sleep and reduce stress.

Canadian Log House strives to preserve primeval state of wood to the maximum and pays great attention to ecological production. All timber used for our manufacture is from the high-mountain areas of the Carpathians, where no factories and plants can be found, where nature is still in its original appearance, where the bears still live in the wild.

For us, the most important feature of the house is its naturalness. All the components of our manually chopped turn-key houses, whether they are windows, doors, floor, or roof, are made of eco-friendly materials and do not have a harmful effect for human organism.

Modern wood houses are the most inartificial dwellings for people, that give a feeling of intimacy with nature.

Surrounded by fresh air and pure ecology, you’ll notice that your health is stable and every day begins from good mood. Make a choice in favor of health for you and your relatives, and our company will help you to accomplish all the tasks connected with your future house.

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