Log Houses Sealing - Sealant «Energy seal»

Energy Seal agent

This is a number one sealant for filling joints in wood houses. Used for the joints not more than 2 cm wide. Provides long and flexible protection for any wood homes. If you want to make the joints less visible, you can take a colour matching sealant and then use a treatment. But if you intend to make the joints visually marked, they can be filled with a sealant contrasting in colour at the end of finishing works. When dried, this product has smooth structure.

Material expenditure depends on crack width, applied layers thickness, tools quality, and worker’s accuracy. One bucket is enough for about 300-350 linear meters of joint or 60-70 square meters of wall.

Price: USD 25 for a 310 ml cartridge / USD 450 for a 19 l bucket

Energy Seal colour range

Colour No
505 Sierra Brown
519 Desert Tan
520 Natural Pine
523 Classic Brown
530 Cedar

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