Log Houses Sealing - Cord Energoflex

Energoflex rod

These rods are made by polyethylene high-pressure extrusion (low density) and its simultaneous foaming with butane-propane gas (no freon used). The Energoflex rods look like the whole round section pieces of white colour from 10 to 50 mm in diameter. Used for sealing of interpanel joints, including log cracks, and also joints between wood house logs. The Energoflex rods can be used inside as well as outside, provided if they are fully free from direct sunlight. They can stand a temperature from – 40 to + 95°С and a relative air humidity of 100%.

Material characteristics:
- low thermal conductivity;
- high moisture resistance;
- chemical resistance to building materials (cement, concrete, lime, gypsum);
- flexibility;
- workability.

Diameter (mm)
Meters in a pack
Price in USD
6 800 150
10 500 130
15 150 100
20 150 115
30 50 55

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