Log Houses Sealing - Metal cover for bucket

Metal bucket lid

This bucket lid represents a 2 kg stainless steel disk with a technical hole in the centre (a valve) with a built-in peripheral rubber ring (wings) and a metal screw handle (for bucket uncapping when sealant is finished).

- economical use of sealant
- vacuum between sealant and the lid (the lid fits tightly to sealant)
- air is exposed through the technical hole and the peripheral rubber ring

While sealant is being discharged, the lid is going down together with it, gathering carefully all the sealant rests from the inner walls of the bucket (cone-shaped). This provides full and loss-free usage of sealants.

The lid also prevents the leftovers from drying and polymer film formation. If stored properly, the sealant leftovers can be used over again within 1 year.

Price: USD 120

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