What can be more homely and comfy than a wood house? Thermal insulation value of wood is much higher than that of other building materials. Nevertheless, such house can be comfortable only if all gaps between logs are securely proofed against wind, moisture, and water penetration.

Log houses constantly stay in motion, which leads to formation of gaps between logs and cracks in the logs themselves. This makes the house wind exposed.

Let us introduce sealing services for your consideration.

While being used, any wood construction changes its linear dimensions. As a result, spaces between logs, beams, and planks become larger, and cracks appear in wood. Atmospheric moisture penetrates through them, and heat leakage is inevitable then. The commonly used sealing materials are not enough flexible and yielding to adapt to numerous movements of the wood walls and partitions, sometimes they even lead to more cracks and gaps. Perma-Chink Industry Inc., an American company, offers an effective technology of joints filling and cracks chinking in the process of house shrinkage, combining modern caulking materials from the extruded polyolefins and the acryl based polymeric sealants. The Perma-Chink technology eliminates the cold bridges, improves thermal insulation properties of walls, and preserves the natural wood characteristics.

In 1981, Perma-Chink Systems Inc. (USA) developed the first synthetic sealant in the woodworking industry. Being a new product at the market, it changed customers’ idea of wood protection forever. Now the company produces a full range of the advanced agents for wood house finishing.

PERMA-CHINK - everything for protection, sealing and decoration of your wood home..

All the agents have a unique formula and do not contain harmful chemical substances. They feature an extremely low toxic level for people and animals. The components of the Perma-Chink products are not hazardous for the environment, because they biodegrade, that means they decay by themselves to the neutral compounds.

The Perma-Chink sealants provide long-lasting hermetization of the joints between logs and the chinks directly in logs. Due to elasticity, these sealants adopt to wood constructions shrinkage during the whole life of the houses, stretching and compressing up to 550% in volume. Finished with sealing agents, treatments, and mordants, a wood house becomes even more attractive, energy-efficient and comfortable.

The Perma-Chink goods are weather-tight and UV-stable, do not lose their colour and service properties. The finished surfaces do not require special care.

Treatments, sealants, products for wood restoration and protection – all these agents are specially designed by the company to be used in combination. They significantly reduce expenses for wood home maintenance.

A wide colour range of the protective and decorative agents let you choose the proper tones for any architectural and interior designs.

Energy Seal agent

This is a number one sealant for filling joints in wood houses. Used for the joints not more than 2 cm wide. Provides long and flexible protection for any wood homes. If you want to make the joints less visible, you can take a colour matching sealant and then use a treatment. But if you intend to make the joints visually marked, they can be filled with a sealant contrasting in colour at the end of finishing works. When dried, this product has smooth structure. Read more ...

Perma-Chink agent

This is sealant for wide joints (over 2,5 cm). Perfect adhesion, elasticity, and tension allow it following natural movements of wood constructions, compressing and stretching in accordance with motions of logs, with no ruptures. Filled with this material, the joint will always compress and stretch, eliminating cracks growth. Read more ...

Check-Mate agent

This is the most elastic sealant. Designed to chink logs, protect them from moisture, and prevent from mold formation. The material stretches, if cracks grow. Read more ...

Energoflex rod

These rods are made by polyethylene high-pressure extrusion (low density) and its simultaneous foaming with butane-propane gas (no freon used). The Energoflex rods look like the whole round section pieces of white colour from 10 to 50 mm in diameter. Used for sealing of interpanel joints, including log cracks, and also joints between wood house logs. Read more ...

Caulking gun for sealant application

To take sealant out of the bucket and apply it on surface, the original professional caulking gun made by PC COX Ltd. (England) or an analogous Chinese tool can be used. Read more ...

Metal bucket lid

This bucket lid represents a 2 kg stainless steel disk with a technical hole in the centre (a valve) with a built-in peripheral rubber ring (wings) and a metal screw handle (for bucket uncapping when sealant is finished). Read more ...


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