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A spacious and comfortable flat in a prestigious city place had been treating as a wealth and luxury attribute for many years. Nowadays, more and more well-to-do people are ready to change city flat amenities for snug and peaceful life in a suburban cottage; a wooden country house (chalet) is well suited for this, it is a special house and all the more so if it is fully handcrafted.

Canadian Log Homes company offers construction of houses, chalets, baths of any size, design, and complexity from manually felled logs by using the Canadian technique. Our logs are manufactured at our own production facilities. We use exceptionally selected timber from the Carpathians high-mountain areas, carefully hand peeled or scraped.

All wood works are made manually!

Our company aims to constantly upgrade services and provide customers with the most favourable conditions. We pay individual attention to each client, trying to find out his personal preferences and requirements. And we give a really fair price of a proper building!

You can buy a ready wood house project or you can order a designer (individual) project of your dream house. The individual project means that your wood house will be unique and exceptional, meet all your requirements and satisfy your needs and wants.

Also, our company can build a turn-key house (chalet) or baths, saving you from many organizational problems. Our specialists will work out a foundation laying technology specially for your project, prepare a roof estimate with the material of your choice, and execute all these works professionally. All associated electrical and sanitary works will also be done to a high standard and good quality.

Very demanding clients can make use of our vintage wooden furniture, customized or manufactured from our ready catalogue sketches. Our designer will help you with interior decoration, and your wood home will look stylish and special.

We can build any object from logs - wood house, chalet, baths, restaurant, hotel, cabin, bower, rustic garden furniture or children’s playground.


So, how much does it cost to build a wild house from manually felled logs by using the Canadian technique? Price depends on the level of quality and uniqueness of your future home. Floor coating can be wooden (for instance: pine, oak, Siberian larch) as well as tiled (from budget Russian variants to first-class Spanish or Italian ceramics). For roofing, you may choose simple asphalt / metal shingles or more expensive and style-matching natural / cement / wood / slate shingles. All these technical aspects can make a house cheaper or, just contrary, raise the price. It’s customer’s choice, we may just give recommendations for building materials.

The most proper way of calculation is based on volume of the required material, that is timber in m3. The minimum average diameter of our building material, common spruce, makes 35 cm. The thicker logs used, the higher price of a square meter of the building, because old thick trees need to be specially selected at timber harvest. A spruce 50-60 cm in diameter is about 80-100 years old, and the length of its log can reach up to 13 m. Each of our projects is an absolutely individual and exclusive construction. The log houses we build cannot replicate one another. Your dwelling will be one-of-a-kind, it will be as unique as the trunks piled in a house by hands of our craftsmen. Each project is considered to be high-end and special.

So, what do you get at the 1st stage of construction?

- wood walls

- treatment with temporary wood preservative

- natural linen thermal insulation between timber sets

- a rafter system, without roof sheathing, but withstanding the heaviest type of roof covering – slate or shingles

- log house manufacture at our site

- corrugated metal sheets in the walls for hidden wiring according to the design project

- loading of the log house and all its elements

- unloading and assembling at the customer’s site (expenses for crane services are paid extra by the customer)

- anchor bolts to fix the bottom timber set

- arrangement of window and door openings according to the design project

- mounting and installation of vertical build-up mechanisms (if necessary)

Delivery to the customer’s site is agreed upon separately.

All other works and materials shall be separately agreed upon. A turn-key construction is available.

Choosing Canadian Log Homes, you get an exceptional way of building a house (chalet) from logs that are all absolutely unique. You get an extraordinary wood house that will bring joy to you and your descendants. Your house will surely stand out from identical and common buildings made of rounded or laminated logs. You will be proud of your dwelling!

We will build your dream house!

(050) 511-55-38, (067) 464-85-70
[email protected]

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