Technology of Canadian cutting in the construction of wooden houses

All houses of Canadian Log Homes are felled manually by using the Canadian technique. The main feature of this building technique is saving of sap, the external wood layer. This thin layer about 2-4 cm is usually lost during many other woodworking techniques, such as rounding, squaring, or hewing. But its preservation provides protection of the internal soft layers, as sap protects them from permanent negative UV radiation, which can change structure of all wood layers and lead to fast rotting. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn that external wood layer preservation extends lifetime of log building and improves its quality.

Also, technological preservation of sap have a positive effect on heat exchange inside the building. In winter it prevents cold wind getting into the building, and in summer it keeps chill inside for a long time, with no need for an air conditioner.

Some background of the Canadian technique. Canadian fell is one of the Russian fell variants that goes back to deep history of Russia. Indigenous population of Canada is represented by the Indians in the south and the Eskimos in the north, but their traditional dwellings are far from log houses. Despite the name, the Canadian technique originates exactly from Russia, but there it hasn’t become popular as widely as in Canada, whereupon it has got such name – the Canadian cutting technique.

While in service, corners of Russian-type log house are exposed to rotting, because rain water flows into the cope with its bottom downward. In Canadian-type wood houses, this doesn’t happen.

Today, the famous Russian and Canadian notching techniques are widely used all over the world. The buildings made according to these techniques are characterized by reliability, beauty, usability, and long life. Nowadays, construction of wood houses and baths becomes more and more popular, and greater attention is paid to building technologies. Unfortunately, the Canadian technique is not widely used in Russia, because there is lack of professional craftsmen with the appropriate skills, nevertheless tough-minded and forward-looking people who want to live in a well-built log house choose the Canadian technique.

 Let’s summarize all the advantages of the Canadian technique:

• In comparison to rounded logs, each log of a Canadian-style cabin is meticulously selected, barked, and manually dressed; so, these two different types of material shouldn’t be confused.

• Everything is created manually, including the insulation groove and the cope.

• Highly-precise fitting eliminates clearances between the logs; the cope has trapezoid shape; walls look like solid wood; insulating material is invisible.

• The firm external wood layer (which is lost under the rounding procedure) is preserved; it protects walls from freezing at low temperatures and increases life of the houses.

• Preservation of the firm layer (external 3-5 cm) provides strong natural resistance to environmental impact, mold, fungus, blue stains, changes in wood structure due to the ultra-violet rays.

• Carefully preserved by our technique, the external wood layer participates in proper air filtration, creates special microclimate inside the log house - chill in summer and heat in winter. Proven by time.

• Gaps between the logs are eliminated by use of a special scribing device; insulating material is stuffed along the log in an insulation path. At that, natural curves of the logs are kept, they make each wall unique and different. Each house is one-of-a-kind and very special.

• The top carpenter’s skill is represented by the precisely fitted corner notches of the logs. Own weight of the logs in combination with tight fitting provides strength and reliability for ages, and appearance evokes admiration and delight.

Log house requires no much care and can be used for several hundred years. Once you have tried living in a wood house, you will never want to come back in the stone boxes of reinforced concrete and brick buildings. You will get tones of positive emotions from your wood treasure. 

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